Monday, July 2, 2012

Granny Frame Transformation

Fell in love with this ornate granny frame I found at the thrift store.  Debated on how I was going to use it in our house.  As it turns out, this fancy frame has made its big debut in our living room recently.  I am excited to show to you the first part of this transformation.

My girls and I sing this Jason Mraz song all of the time.  It is called, "I Won't Give Up."  Beautiful song.  Beautiful message.  Perfect inside of our Granny Frame!

I love that I can change the message according to season or special occasions.  The living room is adjacent to our dining it would be the perfect for a menu to be written.  What have you done with chalkboard paint lately?

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  1. Totally love the ornate granny frame. Been trying to find one of my own to chalkboard up for half of forever.

    Bernadette from

  2. Hi! Did you just paint the chalkboard paint right on the glass? I am trying this tonight? Also, how did you "cure" the paint - maybe that's not the right word. How did you "rough it up" a bit? Thanks!! LOVE your blog. Check it daily!!! :) Hugs from Naples, Florida!

  3. Thanks Bernadette<3 I've seen other large frames like this in HomeGoods for a decent price. Good luck in your Granny frame search!

  4. Hi Erin! Yes, I painted with chalkboard paint right onto the glass! It only took 2 coats of the chocolate brown color I chose. In order to give it a more authentic chalkboard look, I turned my piece of chalk on its side and coated the board with a layer of white chalk. Then I lightly erased and I was ready to go with my words! Thanks for commenting! I would love to see a picture of how yours turned out! xo