Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rainbow Birthday Party

My birthday girl is most definitely NOT a flowers and rainbows kind of a girl.  She has never liked the color pink.  In pre-school she had a Cars tote bag.  Her favorite stores to shop in would be characterized as 'sporting goods'.  So when my sweet baby girl picked 'rainbows' as her birthday theme this year...I took it and RAN!!!

There are some super creative ideas out there on the www for hosting a rainbow themed birthday party.  Fortunately for us, we were able to host this pool party on my in-laws gorgeous property.  With the pool water heated and the sun setting in the background, the girls had a blast celebrating the BIG 9!

Here is a quick glimpse at what I was able to photograph of the party...

If you are in the market for throwing a rainbowy shin-dig, here are some ideas that did not make it into pictures (since I was on lifeguarding duty:)

Rainbow-colored lollipops are a fun favor AND a great way to decorate your table!

Button candy placed in a pretty glass trifle dish makes for a colorful table display.


As far as simple crafts go, the girls created some very easy glass tea light holders in rainbow colors.  Battery operated tealights were placed inside to illuminate the irridescent torn pieces of tissue paper that were affixed the glass with a mixture of one part Elmers glue to three parts water.  The girls left the party with their completed tealight brightening the way to the car after the evening quickly turned to night.

Creating Rainbow Tealights

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